As a physician-led organization focused on population health, we see where primary care is heading, and embrace new thinking and practices. These include a single electronic health care system, virtual visits, on-site diagnostics, the latest clinical technologies, seamless access to world-class tertiary care and clinical trials, integrated behavioral health resources, coordinated high-risk care and the innovative methods for measuring performance and sharing risk.

We are partners in our patients’ health, but we also treat each other as valued partners within our individual practices and our organization. We offer employment and affiliation options tailored to our physicians’ individual needs. Here, you’ll have autonomy and respect, a voice in decisions, access to advice, opportunities to grow your practice and leaders who listen and encourage collaboration across our provider network, as well as opportunities to learn, to advance and lead, or to take your practice in the direction you want.

PCPO has been around for more than 20 years, but continues to be fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit and structure of a start-up. This enables us to be nimble and to assess and implement improvements more rapidly than others. We are also united in our mission to provide superior care in the community. These are just a few of many reasons why physicians who join us, stay with us.